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Jacka: Chapter 41
Three o'clock in the morning; I still can't get to sleep. I decide to wonder down to the town, after getting changed into day clothes. I walk down the side of the street, chilled by the silence and the cold. My shoes echo, making the only sound heard. It's not a big road. I can't believe the whole village is in the middle of a valley. Mountains and hills surround the area, while a metal roof sits on top.
I step out of the road once I reach the town. It's literally a town, which looks like it was hit with a bomb. Windows are broken. Doors are smashed. It looks like a ghost town.
As I walk into a dairy, I walk over an obstacle course of fallen selves and rotting food, only to find a boy sitting in the corner. It looks like he's eating something.
"Ah, hello?" I say, stepping closer. "Are you alright?"
His leather jacket slowly turns around so I can see a boy about my age, with cocoanut brown hair, and olive skin. He also wears jeans, which appear to be ripped. In his hand is a chocolate b
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Jacka: Chapter 40
I heard some commotion coming across the street, at Y 11. If it isn't hard enough trying to get some sleep in this miserable place …
I got out of bed and slowly tiptoe to Army's room. To my surprise, Chargar is already there. He is listening through the door.
"What are you doing?" I whisper.
"At first, trying to get to sleep," he replies. "Shut up! I can hear them talking."
She doesn't have a window, so I just listen through the door too. It sounded like Army, Bloodly and someone else.
"You can't expect us to do this!" shouts Army. "Do you know what we are going through? We just got here-"
"Going through?" repeats Bloodly.
"There are, like, a hundred more people here that know what you are going through here!" shouts the other person. "And I am one of them!"
"But everything is happening so fast!" yells Army.
"How?" cries the unknown voice.
"Let's take a look at Jacka, aye?"
Chargar takes a moment to look at me with concerned eyes. I give him a shrug back. We both put our ears back to t
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Jacka: Chapter 39
I told Anna everything, back in my room. I told Anna how I was taken to base, assumed to be dead by the world. Anna was 19 at the time, and now she's 20. So she wasn't at school when I was. I told her about the base, the Cotidie Versipellis, Bob and Rebecca, my two life dreams … and Stranya and Harde. I told her how they went from being to stuck-up twins, Drew and Stacey Perphect, to the closest thing I had to a normal friend.
Then I listen to my sister's stories. She told me how she was taken to the base.
"It was a normal day," she begins. "I was at home when mum and dad was out. I heard something coming from the shed in the backyard. I thought it was that cat from next door again."
"Mr Fluffy-Tail?" I ask. That was our nickname for it.
"That's what I thought," she continues. "I walked outside and saw something move in the corner of my eye. It went into the bush. I followed it, and I felt something funny on my face. They next thing I remember was waking up, handcuffed to a chair. I wa
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The End Of The World As We Know It ... Not
[I live in New Zealand, so the times may be different.]
This happened on my birthday. This is happening today. The world was supposed to end as we know it. 21.12.12. [12.21.12 for all you Americans.] The 21st of December 2012.
This is what I will be using for my next novel.
Right now I am writing Jacka. She was a normal girl from New Zealand that is taken back to the government base that experimented on her when she was in an orphage. But now I would like to use this idea that the world is going to end.
The next story I am writing is called A Humans, B Dragons.
This is a story of when the earth ended as we know it.
Another planet collides with earth. This planet gave the humans many ideas, fansties, and culture of fairy tales. Long ago, the planets were side by side, right next to each other. Humans and our beings lived together. Our leaders, the dragons. One day, an explosion happened, causing the planets to split. Our cretures lived on earth as well as our pla
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Jacka: Chapter 38
As Bloodly pulls me aside, I have no knowledge on what the question might even be. I didn't know it would be something like …
"When you woke up," she begins "and you ran to the door, I understand why you said mum and dad, but why did you say the name Anna?"
"Ah," I try to begin. "She was my big sister, from back home. She … ah, usually lived in the house."
"Anna?" she repeats. "Anna Smith?"
"Why do you keep saying her name?" I ask. "It's getting annoying."
Bloodly ushers out a faithful smile, then walks towards Ledge, now pulling him aside.
"Do you know someone called David Gem?" she asks, looking at him almost like she's looking into his soul. It looks really creepy …
"David?" he now repeats. "I think he was my cousin? Or something. Wait, how did you …"
"Know?" she completes. "Lucky guess."
Bloodly goes to Bruno next, asking about Speranza. She also goes to Army, and asks about Rita.
"I know she's alive!" she yells. "Can I see her?"
Bloodly 'tsk –tsked' Army. "Can you wait a little bi
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The Dragon's Rhyme
Why can't I hit him? He keeps moving away. He's a fast and tricky troll. He wants to do one thing, and that's keeping me or any other knights in shining armor away from the dark castle. But I have luck! The troll trips over and lays on the ground now begging for mercy. My sword cuts through the troll like butter. He was hard to defeat. Good thing I did it now, because my physical health seemed to be very low. As soon as the troll dies, he disintegrates into thin air. I walk up the steep hill to save the princess at the top of the cliff on the precipice. So many have tried to save her, but all have failed. I can't believe I have made it this far without, you know, dying. People say that Princess Iris is the most beautiful girl in this world. I must save her and find it out for myself. I see the dark castle dead ahead of me on the precipice, just like the king said. I don't put away my sword, this might be a trap. I try to open the door, but it won't move. Why won't it move? It must be l
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Jacka: Chapter 37
As soon as I wake up, I start to cough. I think the gas is still in my lungs. I look around the room. What the hell? This isn't the bathroom. This isn't my bedroom at the base. This looks like my old room. All my old things are here. My desk is right across from my bed with its blue cover. I even see on my desk the spare script for my science presentation. I remember that day. Why am I in my room? Why am I wearing my old, green pyjamas? What is going on? I get out of my bed, and walk to my door. Ow! What was that? Oh, it's my phone on the floor. My cell phone? I haven't seen it in over a year. It's still on the floor, that way I accidentally left it the day of my presentation. Maybe it wasn't a year. Maybe this was all a big dream. Maybe I fell into a coma! I am back home! This is my room … I'm back in my old house!
"Mum!" I yell, as I run franticly to the door. "Dad! Anna!"
I open my door, and gasp at the sight. It's a street. My bedroom door is the front door, and then it's a street.
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Jacka: Chapter 36
'It wasn't my fault!' I think to everyone, with Hannah helping me. 'I didn't mean to!'
'I know … I agree with you,' thinks Hannah.
'No way,' thinks Thunder. 'She fell asleep and landed on the keyboard.'
'She completely ruined the system!' thinks Ledge.
'Dude,' I say back. 'I'm right here.'
'Oh I'm sorry. You completely ruined the system!'
'You made me so tried I couldn't take it anymore! You know it makes me weak, so why did you keep doing it!?!'
No reply. I keep thinking his name over and over again. Ledge, Ledge, Ledge … no reply. I can't believe some of my 'friends' think I set the alarm off on purpose. Why would I do that?
'Because maybe you could betray us during all the chaos and leave us to go to the villiag while you go off and have a normal life.'
'Ledge!' I violently think back. 'You're such a dick!'
I start to cry. I didn't mean to … I didn't mean to.
'Ledge, you prick!' thinks Bruno. 'Jacka had another life-dream. I saw it with my own eyes. The only other time
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Jacka: Chapter 35
"Just type it in Ledge!" yells Thunder. "Type in what I say: Child Human Rights."
"No!" he yells back. "I'm on to something. Jacka, get your butt back in this room."
I hesitate before walking back into Ledge's room. It's really hot and stuffy in there. It' not like we can open a window. Ledge has been trying to hack into unwanted websites. Sarah and John have blocked off a lot of websites for us kids, mostly having to do with the law. Thunder and Marstin still can get why we just can't Google 'child human rights'. Ledge's theory is that a shock wave or electrical current is given off so certain web pages will automatically shutdown when accessed. So, if I absorb those currents, we should be able to get into pages … should. Ledge is spending so long on getting through to security of the base so that no one will get any security breeches. Adra keeps saying that it won't because robots designed this place, so it won't be the best base in to world. She was right. That was two hours of cont
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She-Demon's Pokemon Trainer Card by She-Demon She-Demon's Pokemon Trainer Card :iconshe-demon:She-Demon 0 0
Jacka: Chapter 34
Jacob found the list of every single child in this government experiment. Jacob found answers … or maybe just more questions. Jacob didn't share the information, not even the name of Army's sister, Rita. But according to the list, Rita's nickname is Fang. And now we just found out not only is Adra's and Ambrose's older sister Adorna on the list, but also there is Alex. Their younger brother who they thought drowned in the plane in the ocean with their parents. What was Jacob thinking when he decided to only share it with me?  I heard him say so. "I didn't want everyone to see the files. I was only going to show Jacka. I'm sorry I didn't tell you all." Why would he only tell me? Are we even friends anymore? It just that no one can understand why Jacob would even think of hiding them. This is the reason Hannah is forcing herself into Jacobs mind tonight. They are right now both lying in bed. We all are; it's 10pm. But Hannah told us that she well attempt to find it out. Or, you know
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Jacka: Chapter 33
Army has been talking to Jacob for a while. Everyone is waiting out of his room; even Adra and Ambrose, who should be in the lounge, learning there English better. But hey, John and Sarah are listening too. It was alright until Army breaks the door as Jacob throws her out. The door smashes into pieces all over the ground … and then Jacob comes out.
"What the fuck are you doing to me?!" he shouts at Army.
"Helping you. I know -"
"Nothing! You know nothing, Army." He storms off down the hall and into the elevator wall. He touches it, and then the 3 and 5 elevator door. It closes and he disappears yelling 'Why can't anyone leave me alone!'.
Ledge helps Army up, and brushes off the dust.
"What happened in there?" asks Dream.
"I … I don't exactly know. It was all alright until his computer started beeping. Jacob told me to get out, but I didn't. I asked him 'Why?' and he told me again. I said no and he kinda threw me out the door."
"Kinda?" I ask.
"I don't want to end up li
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Jacka: (Part Three) Chapter 32
I saw the sayth go into Starnya's neck. I saw the spear go into Harde's and Chargar's stomach. I saw Dream, Meritxell and Jacob running to them. I saw Meritxell - the only one smiling – and Jacob and Dream, both crying on the ground. Ledge approached them. He took all the weapons out of the victims. Bob came out of Ledge and he took the weapons away. Jacob and Dream tried to stop them … but they died to … blood goes everywhere …guts fly around …and Bob smiles.
I scream myself awake. It's my third nightmare this week. Every day, at least four kids wake up from horrible dreams, and I guess it was my turn again. Just the thought of Jacob and Dream dying … it scares me.
"What's wrong?" yells Chargar, running though my door. He sleeps in the room right next to me.
"It was just a dream …" I reply, wiping off my sweat.
"You mean a nightmare, right?" he asks.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I say. But then I notice something. "Hey! Chargar, the doc said you shouldn'
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Jacka: Chapter 31
Bruno has got his watch working and he has signalled the base for a ride. We are waiting for the plane home. Every one has had way to much time on the Cotidie Versipellis.
"Amy, what did I do?" asks the real Ledge. "I want to know."
"You didn't do anything, honey." replies Army "Bob made you do … things."
"Like what?"
All thirteen kids are on the beach. We are all just talking and trying to put together this weird story of Bob and Ledge. Well, more like Bob in Ledge.
"Well," says Hannah "what do you remember."
"Nothing." He says.
"What's the last thing you remember?"
"Ah, going to bed after dinner. We had chicken soup because Meritxell is sick."
"No I'm not." She says. "I haven't been sick since I was eleven."
"Well how old are you now?"
"Ledge, I'm thirteen."                                     
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Jacka: Chapter 30
Ledge didn't pull the sayth out. It just sat there in Starnya's neck. As she coughed out blood, some more also flow out of her throat. At the sight of it, Marstin leaned of the side of the rock and puked.
"Oh no." says Dream, still in the tree. "No! Ledge! Why? What did she do wrong?"
"Nothing," he replied.
"Then why did you kill her!"
"Because they did something wrong!" Ledge looks at us.
What did we do wrong? We did nothing, so he kills Starnya? Ledge pushes her body off the rock, and she's still alive but not for long. As soon as she hits the ground, Hannah goes to her, checks her pulse and shakes her head.
"Stranya!" yells. Dream "Stranya! Stranya!"
"You know Dream," says Ledge "shouting her name won't make her come back to life."
Dream kicks, screams and struggles to get out of the tree. After only a few seconds, she just stops and cries. She just watched her best friend die.
"It's okay," says Bruno. "Dream, it is okay. Just look away."
And that's what she did, she just looks away
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Super Mario Gone Street? by She-Demon Super Mario Gone Street? :iconshe-demon:She-Demon 0 0

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Sorry I have not uploaded anything in ages.

My excuses:

I'm 13-years-old trying to keep up with three dance classes, four extra school activities, exams of which I'm not supposed to be doing for another two years (i'm doing extension) and also trying to write my novel at the same time.

Don't worry!
Chapter 42 of Jacka will be uploaded soon,
and so will be chapter 1 of A Humans, B Dragons

Sorry this took so long.


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